Beagles looking for a home


Buddy is our Beagle of the Month for April

Please read his post in full and if you have any questions or are interested in rehoming him please contact our rehoming centre in Burton-on-Trent on 01283 575175 or email [email protected]  

Buddy is a two year old tri male. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.
He has been in the kennels since June 2016 and we have rehomed him 3 times, the first time he was back after 3 days, the second time, 2 weeks and third after just 2 days.
Beagle Welfare make no ‘bones’ about it - he is difficult and he will take up to 6 months to build his trust and for him to settle in but there is no doubt that he is worth the time and effort. His ‘forte’ is to steal and guard objects. However once he gets to know you he is so lovable and just wants to please, he’s a quick leaner.
After his third home, we placed him into a foster home to find out exactly why he was ‘bouncing’, this is Jenny’s (fosterer) account of Buddy in his foster home -

‘Buddy gets along well with other dogs and needs to be rehomed
with at least one. He needs to go to an experienced beagle owner who will
be willing to take advice on how to best work with Buddy, as he is quite
stubborn and has some possessive tendencies. He doesn't get along well
with cats or small furries and would be best being rehomed in a child
free home. He loves nothing more than a cuddle and to curl up in a warm
lap or in a comfy bed. Buddy will give 100 times more love than he receives.’

We are looking for a knowledgeable beagle owner who has had experience of guarding issues. Buddy will benefit living with another dog/s as he is very sociable with them. It has to be a child free home. He is house trained, good on lead and off – that’s a massive bonus!

All Buddy wants is his own home with someone who will give him time, he is a super hound who just wants to be loved and be loved.

Please share for him.
An application to adopt form for Buddy or any of our hounds can be downloaded from our website

Contact: Clare Clark
Tel. 01283 575 175
Greater Manchester
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